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Luminous Lagoon CD

Buggy Tales & Tunes

Welcome to Fernsville Forest Adventure Camp's end of the sumer Bug Splash. Join Grace's Storytelling music bugs in an enchanting adventure into the world of folk tales from the Islands of the Caribbean to the Rainforest's of Brazil.


For Kids 3 to 7 & Youth Of All Ages


Tales & Tunes

1 Are you Listening?

2 Luminous Lagoon

3 Fox's Big Mouth

4 Tiger Horse

5 My Long Nose

6 Bye-Bye Odabo?

7 Raising Mist

Bug-a-bration! CD

Bug Swappin' Tales & Tunes

The Brazilian termites invite you to join us...tonight at twilight... Join Grace's storytelling bugs on an enchanting adventures into the world of folk tales from the islands of the Caribbean to the Rainforest's of Brazil.


For Kids 7 - 12 & Youth of All Ages

Tales & Tunes

1 Listening?

2 Bug-a-bration!

3 Commonsensical

4 Day Meets Night

5 Dry Bones

6 Odabo Good-bye?

7 Dawn's Eyes

E - Book



Break Out Storytelling  E-book

(At This Time Only  Available as an E-book)


An Experiential guide to telling a story!


Join Grace on a creative journey into the realm and the artistry of story development. Using the introductory example of a folktale, Grace provides the structural framework for crafting stories orally. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of story development and is followed by a series of exercises. Each of these exercises are specifically designed to further assist you in experiencing the art of developing stories. Discover the power of story and the richness of your unique voice in the art of storytelling and story development, be it folkloric or original.


While the emphasis of this book is on oral tradition , it's structure  and format can easily be crossed over into the literary realm of story writing and development.