“I am thrilled to have Grace Wolbrink as a part of my program. She has a very diverse repertoire and that makes it possible for us to illustrate a number of different themes in a variety of ways. Her enthusiasm keeps the kids engaged and energized.  She truly understands the value of what she does, which elevates her program from light entertainment to an exciting educational experience.” –


Dana Currie - Program Facilitator, Grand Rapids Art Museum



Story-based performances and presentations invite audiences into the captivating realms and vivid realism of story's compelling journey.

Story, by its nature, is interactive. Stories, well told, invite others to join storytellers and dancers into story's adventurous unfolding.

Experience the powerful impact of story told through the uniqueness of your voice and movement. Unleash the power of story. Let your story be the one remembered long after your performance or presentation is done. When we are in the presence of a great story; we tell it again and again.

While facts fill in the gaps on a need to know basis; stories invite, ignite and enhance the experiences of our lives.